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Liv at Productions and Achievements against Corona Exhibition 2020

Liv was a part of "Productions and Achievements against Corona" exhibition which was held in Tehran international permanent fairground, from 13th to 15th June 2020. It should be mentioned that, this event was in full compliance with the protocols announced by the Ministry of Health with a ban on public visit. [...]

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Liv at 8th Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress

Exhibition , LIV

Liv was a part of "Basic and Clinical Neuroscience" Congress which was held in Iran university of medical sciences in December 2019, upon verification and support of CIVILCA. The represented papers in this congress were indexed and published in CIVILICA and Consortium of National Content. Undoubtedly, this event was a great opportunity to get acquainted with neuroscience activists and their achievements.[...]

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Liv at 8th Iran Lab Expo

Iran Lab Expo , Exhibition

Liv will be a part of 8th "Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals" exhibition which is held in a virtual platform, due to the COVID-19 pandemic impacts from 17th to 20th December 2020. The exhibition's objective is to provide an opportunity for Iranian manufacturers and producers to promote their products. [...]

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