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Liv at Productions and Achievements against Corona Exhibition 2020

Liv at Productions and Achievements against Corona Exhibition 2020

Liv was a part of "Productions and Achievements against Corona" exhibition which was held in Tehran international permanent fairground, from 13th to 15th June 2020. It should be mentioned that, this event was in full compliance with the protocols announced by the Ministry of Health with a ban on public visit.

The exhibition's objective was to provide an opportunity for Iranian manufacturers and producers to present their achievements and products related to prevention and controlling of Corona virus. In this regard, Liv knowledge-based Co. introduced the localized Non-contact Infrared Thermometer which measures body temperature from a distance of 1-5 cm. It is worth stating that the exhibition was also a great chance for international visitors including distributers, traders, tenders and manufacturers who would like to collaborate with Iranian companies. Undoubtedly, this event was a unique opportunity to meet and negotiate directly with numerous manufacturers.










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