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ABR is a neural response to an auditory stimulus by using scalp electrodes that pick up electrical potentials generated by the synchronous activity of neural populations in the brainstem.

It provides information about the inner ear and the central pathways for hearing. Hearing screening system provides auditory brainstem response screening to detect the presence or absence of potential hearing loss with speed and accuracy. The screening functions of this instrument are especially suitable for use with infants.


  • IGC ISO 13485:2016
  • IEC-60601-1:2012
  • IEC-60601-2:2014
  • Accurate noise-free results
  • wireless / USB amplifier
  • clinical/research usage
  • Friendly and intuitive handling of the recording and review software
  • Operation on full charge up to 24 hours
  • Flexibility for the doctor
  • Patient comfort
  • User friendly
  • Light weight


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