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Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress 2020 Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress 2020 Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress 2020

Liv at 9th Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Congress 2020

The basic and clinical neuroscience congress as the annual national meeting for Iranian neuroscientists, with more than 800 attendees every year, is organized by the Iranian Neuroscience Society (INSS). This year Liv Company is again a part of this congress as well as the previous years. This international meeting is aimed to provide an opportunity in recognition of advances in these areas and tries to bring all of the basic and clinical neuroscientists, researchers, Ph.D., and postgraduate students together to facilitate the translation of knowledge between them.

Unfortunately, this year, the COVID-19 pandemic impacts us all, so, the organizing committee of the congress would like to held the congress in a virtual platform in Tehran between the dates of 9th December and 11th December 2020, and all keynote and invited national and international speakers, oral and abstract presenters, and congress attendees participate remotely. Liv family is going to present all its neuroscience products and share its research results. Undoubtedly, this event is a unique opportunity for us to meet and negotiate directly with numerous national and international researchers and manufacturers.










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