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Liv as the sponsor of 3rd Sharif Neuroscience Symposium

Liv as the sponsor of 3rd Sharif Neuroscience Symposium

  The 3rd Sharif Neuroscience Symposium (SNS) aimed to cover key advances in cognitive, computational and systems neuroscience as well as neuro-engineering by inviting experts across the world to share their new findings and perspectives. Moreover, some of the selected submissions to the event has been featured for poster or short oral presentations. In this regard, Liv Intelligent Technology Company has presented and shared its latest findings and products in this event.
  This year symposium is fully online and thus easily accessible to the research community worldwide. We invite and welcome all brain aficionados to join us for SNS 2021 and to help enrich this gathering with their exciting neuro-scientific and neuro-engineering ideas and discussions. The hope is to bring highest quality of neuroscience research in contact with each other to enhance propagation of best ideas and to engender deeper understand the most fascinating organ of our body i.e. our brain.


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