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Liv intelligent technology knowledge-based company founded in 2019 has developed advanced medical equipment for clinical and research applications. At present, Liv is one of the leading companies manufacturing medical equipment for functional diagnostics ,neuroscience and neurophysiology in Iran.

Liv has also designed and manufactured EEG devices with active, passive and dry electrodes ,non-contact infrared thermometer, auditory brainstem response system for the first time in Iran.

Professional team of biomedical engineers and programmers in cooperation with medical researchers allows Liv to take leading positions on the Iranian market of diagnostics ,neuroscience and neurophysiology medical equipment.Our mission is to improve the quality of life through advanced medical technology.


Liv Customers


my projects:

  • Liv Encephalography system (EEG)
  • Liv Electromyography system (EMG)
  • Liv Electrocardiography system (ECG)
  • Liv transcranial direct current stimulation system (TDCS) with EEG
  • Liv auditory brainstem response system (ABR)
  • Liv Non-contact infrared thermometer


Bio Amplifier Design
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Biosignal Analysis Software
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Wireless solutions
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Medical Device Manufacturing
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