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High-definition Transcranial direct current stimulation is a form of neuromodulation for targeting cortical and deep brain structures with low current delivered via electrodes positioned along the scalp, producing immediate and lasting changes in brain function. This Technique is a novel non-invasive brain stimulation and it can provide a more focalised stimulation that lends itself well to specifically modulating activity only within the region of interest. 

Liv HD-tDCS is a perfect combination of simplicity and functionality. It is incredibly user friendly, portable and well-designed with synchronized and optically isolated 2 channels HD-tDCS bring in complete solution for research and clinical applications. It has all the necessary features you look for in a neurodiagnostic device and that is why is recommended by professionals and used by leading universities. Liv Intelligent Technology is the exclusive manufacturer of HD-tDCS technology in Iran.


  • User friendly
  • Light weight
  • Patient comfort
  • Flexibility for the doctor
  • Ideal for clinical and research usage
  • TDCS cap, size: S/M/L
  • Measurement of real injected current
  • Support both tDCS and HD-tDCS
  • Friendly and intuitive handling of the recording and review software
  • Operation on full charge up to 24 hours
  • High precision micro ampere current
  • Real time impedance check
  • Session timer
  • Auto safty shut-off
  • EEG sub-bands stimulation(Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma)


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